What’s Happening

What’s Happening at United Church of Paducah

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Sunday School Classes for Adults and Children – 900 am  –  945 am

Classes provide the opportunity to further explore scripture and its application to our everyday lives.

Sunday Worship Service – 10 am

Welcome to one of Paducah’s warmest, most open-minded worship experiences! As you enter the sanctuary, no one will ask you to put on a tie or leave your brain and life experience at the door. Following Jesus’ example, you can count on being accepted for who you are – questions and all.

Our worship is at once lively and traditional, a balance that both anchors us in grace and sets each of us free to serve God in life-giving ways. Music here is a juicy mix of contemporary and classical. Expect the unexpected when it comes sermon time – particularly if you’ve outgrown the faith of your childhood. As worship ends, you’ll return to the world energized, hope-filled, and certain you are loved… by God and by us. There’s a place in our pews just for you!

Ministering in Christ’s Name

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Jesus was quick to teach. Here at United Church of Paducah, we are always looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of neighbors far and near. We are actively involved with Broadway United Methodist Church’s Community Kitchen, making sure our brothers and sisters here in town have enough to eat.

We also support Paducah Cooperative Ministry – their food bank and homeless shelter make a huge difference in our area. Heifer Project International and Habitat for Humanity are two vital charitable organizations that we’re thrilled to help support.


Jesus taught what he lived. Because this was his experience, Jesus proclaimed that we need not seek connection with God only in high places like the Temple but indeed can know and worship God inwardly, through our bodies and spirits.

With this in mind, United Church of Paducah is delighted to share space with Joyful Flow Yoga.  (Please check our calendar for times and dates) Although yoga predates the Christian tradition, it is compatible with Christ’s teachings and, if desired, can be used to great effect in deepening relationship with the God that Jesus loved, served, and shared with others.

True North Yoga, which had a longtime association at the United Church of Paducah,  found itself becoming increasingly popular and successful in the local community during the past several years.

In order to accommodate the larger class sizes, True North Toga moved to their new location at the historic Coca Cola Bottling Company building at 3121 Broadway Street in Paducah, Kentucky in January 2016.

We wish them much success in their new home and encourage you to visit True North Yoga’s website for more information.

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